I am Laura Weber, born and raised in a small rural community in upstate New York.

I grew up going to church, but didn't turn my life over to Jesus Christ until I was 35 years old.

God healed me of many "cancers" of the soul during my early years of walking with the Lord. Little did I know then that these healing experiences would provide the faith foundation for me to be healed of cancer in my body several years later.

My book, In His Hands, I Am Healed, describes my story of how I lived a thriving life amid the raging storm (cancer) that swirled around me, and how God miraculously healed me after my 5th diagnosis in as many years.

The purpose of In His Hands, I Am Healed is to show you that with God you can live a thriving, vibrant life while facing your most difficult hardships.


What Others Are Saying About In His Hands, I Am Healed

Pastor Ricky Texada, Covenant Church, Colleyville, TX

"I’m so grateful that Laura has taken the time to write this book. It is moving to see how she processed each declaration of “you have cancer.” You will witness the resolve, courage, transparency and faith displayed by Laura as she learns to lean into God."

Dr. Claudia Harsh

“As a physician I appreciate the resource that Laura Weber has given us. She has outlined a long and challenging personal battle and emphasized specific bible verses and prayers that sustained and healed her on her journey. I am grateful and awed by her literary gift to the world.”

Christian Book Marketer

"This comes as a highly recommended book for anyone facing a “Goliath” in their life, whether it be cancer, or a disease that one may not have been healed of, even perhaps, this book can be offered as encouragement to family members going through the trial of sickness with a loved one.

Elder Debbie Sharp, Covenant Church, Colleyville, TX

"This book is really quite phenomenal. By way of "night-before" praises and requests to God that she journaled before several scheduled Report of Findings (NOT knowing the outcome), this book will encourage anyone in their fight with any dreadful disease."

Donna Smith - Facebook Review

"This book is a very uplifting experience about the healing power of God! It is a must-read for anyone going through a trial of any sort!"

Amazon Review - KFR

"The book is well organized, straight forward and easy to understand, and provides a sound basis for use of scripture in the pursuit of healing. Although written from the perspective of a cancer survivor, it can serve as a guide book for anyone seeking healing or miraculous healing and can be applied to other physical or mental health challenges. Non-Christians can also learn from the principles provided through Laura's journey. Praise God for His Word, His love and His faithfulness!"

Robin Green - Facebook Review

"Finished reading your book and it was great. So well written. Read it in 2 days and I’m not a reader. Thank you for testimony. I took away so much. I will definitely read it again."