Attitude is Everything

“It’s not our circumstances that steal our joy, it’s the way we think about them.”


The above statement appeared on John Hagee Ministries’ Facebook page on November 19, 2012.


Webster defines attitude as: “an organismic state of readiness to respond characteristically to a stimulus (as an object, concept, or situation).” “State of readiness” implies that we’ve predetermined the posture we’ll take when faced with trials – posture meaning how we think and respond.


John Hagee’s post shows us that our thinking influences our response to life trials. Our thinking is shaped by our attitude. Our attitude is determined by our trust and faith in God.


Many people asked me how I was able to face cancer five times in as many years.


A strong trust and faith in God is the way I maintained a positive “state of readiness” and had a positive attitude during the cancer journey. I would also check-in with myself during the journey. Any time my attitude was terrible, I would readjust it by reading scripture, worshipping, praying, and seeking God. The Lord met me right where I was at, and got me back on track to having a right attitude.


What are you facing today? Do you need an attitude adjustment? If so, seek God and ask Him to get you back on the track of having a right attitude so you can overcome your own trials in your life.

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