As a small child, I would always hurry to the tree on Christmas morning with excitement. I was truly amazed to find the number of presents that were under the tree for me. Over time, I lost the true meaning of Christmas because I thought it was all about the number of presents that I received.

God brought back the true meaning of Christmas to me a few years ago. I was in San Diego visiting my brother, Wayne, during December. Wayne and I went to his office one day. It was a long car ride, and I visited the lady’s room when we arrived. As I washed my hands, I noticed an American Red Cross poster that had the following words printed on it: “What to Give? Give the gift of life. Give Blood.” I stood there motionless as I read the words. The Lord began to show me the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is time for giving. It is nice to receive material gifts, but Jesus gave more than this; He gave His blood so that I may have the gift of life and life more abundantly. He did this out of His abundant love for me; this is the greatest Christmas present that I can receive.

I sometimes ask myself “What to give?” I now know to give the gift of life – give love. This is the greatest gift that I can give anyone during the Christmas season.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Let this Christmas be different than any others. Give the gift of life, give love. You never know how your love will impact others that are less fortunate, and who knows, it may be the only present they receive, but it is the best one to give and receive.

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